AquaVial PRO500 (kit of 24 tests)


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AquaVial PRO500 is the ideal water quality screening tool for water treatment professionals.

AquaVial PRO500 was designed for monitoring microbial levels and biofilm formation for drinking water applications. It is an economic and efficacious warning system for Legionella control, and efficacy confirmation of water disinfection systems.

AquaVial PRO500 detect total microbial (bacteria and fungi) and biofilm levels above 500 CFU/ml. Each kit contains 24 tests, packaged individually for your convenience.

In stock (can be backordered)


What is AquaVial PRO500?

AquaVialTM PRO is the ideal water quality screening tool for water treatment professionals. Designed for monitoring microbial levels, biofilm formation detection, warning system for Legionella control, and efficacy confirmation of water disinfection systems.

  • A NEW AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCT: developed in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, this advanced nanotechnology works using microbial cell wall surface recognition. Visual detection of bacteria, fungi and biofilm in 15 to 30 minutes, allows for rapid corrective action.
  • SIMPLE, ONE-STEP WATER TESTING METHOD. A simple system using a disposable syringe for sampling and a needle-shaped filter for sample concentration and for removing potential chemical interference
  • EASY-TO-READ RESULTS: the reagent changes color from Pink to Light Purple when bacteria is present at concentration of over 500 cells per ml (CFU/ml). The color chart included with the AquaVial PRO500 kit makes reading the results easy.
  • HIGHLY SENSITIVE WATER TEST: AquaVial PRO500 can detect a wide range of bacteria, fungi and biofim
  •  TUNABLE SENSITIVITY: The detection limit is tunable, and it depends on the sample volume used for testing. For 100 ml test sample, the detection limit is 100 CFU/ml , and for 20 ml test sample, the detection limit is 500 CFU/ml ( or equivalent MPN value)
  • COST-EFFECTIVE WATER QUALITY SCREENING TEST: AquaVial PRO500 is a cost effective alternative to only laboratory testing. A combination of point of use screening testing and laboratory confirmation for specific microorganisms (E coli, Legionella, and other) is the not only the most cost-effective but also the safest option.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: The test is designed to have a robust response,with minimal chance of false positive and false negative responses from chemical interference. The sample filtration and concentration procedure is simple yet very efficient in eliminating interference from biological, and chemical contaminants.
  • CONSISTENT RESULTS: As the test is designed to detect intact cells, the test produces consistent responses to a specific microbial strain, regardless of the type of water tested. The sensitivity of the test will be the same in both rich and poor nutrient environment, or if a cell is culturable or not.

Why Should You Use AquaVial PRO500?

Microorganism have a huge advantage over us: speed. Most microorganisms replicate several times a day, and evolve very fast to survive the various treatments as as as we develop them. The best example is the increase of Legionella outbreaks at a rate higher than our ability to upgrade our water treatment technologies. And while we are concentrating the efforts on developing Legionella-specific testing and treatments, we are at risk to forget that biocides used in  water treatment should not be specific but  broad spectrum. AquaVial PRO500 is an ideal tool for water professional to keep an eye on the “unknown”- unknown defense mechanisms developed by Legionella and other targeted microorganisms; new and unsuspected microorganisms that are opportunistic- can become pathogenic in the right circumstances.

How is AquaVial PRO500 different?

AquaVial PRO is a non-specific detection method for microorganisms, that detects the presence of a viable cell. It does not depend on enzyme levels, nutrient present in the environment, or metabolic by-products, which makes it a more reliable test method than ATP or chromogenic dye- based tests.

Compared with other tests on the market, our test has a simpler and easy to use testing method. Just collect and concentrate the sample using the syringe provided, and recover the cells quantitatively into the test vial. Then wait 30 minutes to see if there is visible change in color of the reagent.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

Technical Specifications

Detection Limit: 500 CFU/ml

Recommended sample volume: 40-50 ml

Accuracy: +/-20% across tested microorganisms.

Detection range:

  • broad spectrum detection of bacteria and fungi
  • detects biofilm a levels over 1 microgram/ml
  • detect both culturable and non-culturable cells

Box Content:

  • 24 individually- packed AquaVial PRO500 kits
  • each kit contains
    • one 20 ml disposable syringe,
    • one filter cartridge,
    • one test vial
    • one sterile saline vial
    • one set of instructions of Aquavial PRO500

For more details on how to use the kit please see our YouTube video instructions.

SDS Download: AquaVial PRO500 SDSv1.1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many test can be done with one kit?

A: Each box contains  everything you need for 24 tests

Q: What happens if I add less or too much water?

A: The test is designed to use a specific sample concentration ratio, so it is important to use the right sample volume to ensure the accuracy of the result.

Q: What does it means if the vial remains pink in the first 30 minutes but changes color a couple hours or a couple of days later?

A: The reagent will attach to the cell membrane of the microorganisms present in the sample in the first 30-60 minutes, after which it the cells with the membrane coated with our reagent will start to settle in the vial, as a result you will notice that at microbial concentration close to the detection limit the color will change initially to pink and eventually turn clear.

If the bacteria levels are below detection limit the reagent will not change color even after a few days.


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