AquaVial Plus Water Test Kit- Detects Total and Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Fungi and Biofilm in Drinking and Pool Water, 2-in-1 Test, Do-It-Yourself


AquaVial™ Plus water testing kit is capable of detecting even low levels of dangerous bacteria, biofilm and fungi present in water, and signal the presence of E. coli bacteria.

AquaVial™ Plus consists of two tests (AquaVial Total Bacteria and AquaVial E. coli) and  is designed for testing well and ground water for bacteria and fungi levels above 500 CFU/ml and E. coli and coliform levels above 1 CFU/ml.

AquaVial™ Plus Total Bacteria provides results in  15 minutes at 35°-40°C (95-104 oF), or in 30 minutes at 20°-25° C (68-77 oF).

AquaVial™ E. coli detects concentrations as low as 1 CFU/ml (one bacteria per ml) of E. coli and coliform bacteria within 24 hours when incubated at 35°-40° C (95-104 F), or 48 hours at 20°-25° C (68-77 oF).


Why AquaVial Plus?

AquaVial Plus Total Bacteria and E. coli offers a few advantages over competitive water test kits:

  • 2 WATER TESTS IN 1. The kit includes one test for total bacteria, fungi and biofilm, and one test for coliforms
  • SUPERIOR WATER ANALYSIS METHOD VERSUS TEST STRIPS. AquaVial Plus is based on an innovative technology that offers more accurate bacteria detection. Compared to water test strips, AquaVial Plus is capable of detecting low levels of total bacteria and fungi. The added coliforms test vial provides added peace of mind that the dangerous coliforms are absent.
  • EXTENSIVE BACTERIA DETECTION CAPABILITIES. Total bacteria test included in the kit is a quick easy-to-use screening test . AquaVial detects disease-causing bacteria such as E.coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Klebisella, Legionella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and other. These strains are known to be responsible for biofilm formation in water system, and cause disease in humans.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE WATER QUALITY SCREENING TEST. Every test kit provides fast reliable results, at a reasonable price. AquaVial Plus can bes used to identify water quality issues before they become a significant health risk
  • FAST RESULTS: Accurate, reliable results in as little as 30 minutes (total bacteria test) and 24 hours (E. coli test)

Why I should use AquaVial Plus?

AquaVial Plus is the ultimate water test kit for any application. It combines the immediate response of the AquaVial Total Bacteria and Fungi, with the high sensitivity of AquaVial E. coli and coliform. AquaVial Plus is a one-stop solution for drinking water, well water, pool, and beach water testing. AquaVial Plus is the product of choice to take with you in your travel to sunny destinations, with you in your RV or sailing trips, or at cottage to check the water at opening or during the season. AquaVial Plus offers you, your family and your guests the peace of mind that they can enjoy the time together without the fear for water-borne diseases.

Want to find more?

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How To Use Video

Technical Specifications

Set Content:

  • T-Cup sampling unit (1)
  • Total bacteria test vial with pink solution (1)
  • E. coli vial with yellow dry media (1)
  • Distilled water pouch (1)
  • Vial plug caps (2),
  • Instructions for use (English/French/Spanish)
    Package size: 3″ X 3″ X 3″ (7.62 X 7.62 X 7.62 cm)
    Package weight: 0.26 lbs (120 grams)

Download How to Use Instructions-English and French

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Download How to Use Instructions-Italian

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